Saturday, 20 September 2014

Memorial Jewellery site is still working 2014

Despite the blogger stating the posts were "2009", the prices are always going to be changing but SOME of the products are still available. 5000+ have viewed the site and much of the American stock has been replaced.

It s till worth calling us FREE 0800 141 2254   or   0870 881 0612

Friday, 11 December 2009

memorial Jewellery - with ashes inside

These pendant 'mementos' are hollow and contain a minute amount of cremation ashes (Cremains), sometimes they are described as a keepsakes, sometime 'Hollow-Ware' but basically they are simply 'Memorial Jewellery'.

Most items are are either Sterling Silver, or some are Silver with a 14 carat 'Vermeil' (real gold) plating. 

All we need is a tiny amount of 'Cremains' (Cremation Ashes) which we install and seal.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Memorial Hollow-Ware Sterling Silver Jewellery

Sterling Silver Cylinder hollow-ware, in which a tiny amount of 'cremains' is installed : £149 including a silver double link chain and presentation box

Sterling Silver Heart hollow-ware, in which a tiny amount of 'cremains' is installed : £149

Sterling Silver Disc hollow-ware, in which a tiny amount of 'cremains' is installed : £149

Sterling Silver Tear Drop, in which a tiny amount of 'cremains' is installed : £149
Sterling Silver Cross, hollow-ware in which a tiny amount of cremataion ashes is installed. £149

Monday, 14 September 2009

5 British Sterling Silver & Gold pendants.

Some of the Silver and Gold** Vermeil items have to be imported, but we can offer 5 pieces which are made in Britain. ...this is a heart pendant (hollow-ware) at around £250 (plus Postage, Tracking and Insurance.)
** [100 microns 14ct gold plating on Sterling Silver]

Monday, 16 March 2009

Some new photo's of the hollow-ware

We have been asked "How are the ashes installed"?? Well, there is a tiny screwed plug in the base or back of some of the items and some use the jump ring as the stopper.
A tiny spoonful of ashes is all that is required which is ground very fine and inserted using a tiny funnel. The stopper is sealed and the whole item re-polished. Call us for current stock and prices
0800 141 2254  or  0870 881 0612

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Memorial Jewellery for Pets Ashes

Have you lost your beloved pet? 

We just couldn't resist putting these tiny 'keepsakes' into a future collection.
The prices are are around the £250 mark, for the silver and £350 for the gold plated [Vermeil] 
The Gold is very thick so we can't see the point of them being made in solid 14 carat gold.
All we need is a tiny amount of cremation ashes which we install for you.
The GOLD pendants have matching gold 18" chains. 
The SILVER pendants can have a choice from 14" to 21" at different prices (depending on length)
Please call for a current price of available stock - 0800 141 2254